What kind of racking have you got? | Identify Your Pallet Racking | Rack Identification

If you’re struggling to identify your pallet racking system then you are not alone. Take a look at this really helpful guide to pallet racking uprights, which should hopefully enable you to identify the storage system that you’re operating in your warehouse or at your business.


The most common pallet racking manufacturers in the UK are as follows:

  • Dexion
  • Link 51
  • Hilo
  • PSS
  • Apex
  • Redirack

It is likely that your pallet racking system will be one of those listed above, but please check the photos for specific identification. If, despite the use of the ‘racking identifier’ above, you still cannot work out which system you are using, give Bristol Storage a call and we’ll do our best to figure out which racking you’ve got.

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Dexion Hi280 Deal | Industrial Shelving System | Dexion Shelving

Dexion Hi280 Shelving is now available from just £145 per bay!

Bristol Storage, an approved Dexion distributor, are pleased to be able to offer this heavy duty Dexion steel shelving system at an unbeatable price. Dexion Hi280 Shelving is designed to require the minimum number of components and primarily comprises of the highest quality pre-galvanised steel end frames and pre-galvanised steel shelves.

As such a robust racking system, Dexion Hi280 can be used for an extensive range of applications, whether you are simply after some solid shelving for your garage, or a comprehensive and trusted storage system for your warehouse – Dexion Hi280 shelving fits the bill.

Dexion Hi280 is the replacement of the more traditional Dexion Impex shelving system, and as such offers flexibility and versatility making it the perfect shelving for small parts handling (check out Dexion Maxi Bins for small parts storage).

Dexion Hi280 Shelving:

  • 2100mm High x 1000mm Wide x 300mm Deep – 135Kg per Shelf
    Starter Bay:  £145 (rrp £225)  Extension: £125 (rrp £175)
  • 2100mm High x 1000mm Wide x 450mm Deep – 140Kg per Shelf
    Starter Bay:  £160 (rrp £265)  Extension: £140 (rrp £210)
  • 2100mm High x 1000mm Wide x 600mm Deep – 150Kg per Shelf
    Starter Bay:  £180 (rrp £300)  Extension: £160 (rrp £240)

(Prices subject to delivery charge and VAT)

To take advantage of this fantastic Dexion discount or for expert advice on your storage requirements get in contact today by calling 01179 555 211 or via email sales@bristol-storage.co.uk.

If you’re unsure of the difference between a ‘starter’ or an ‘extension’ bay, read on…

A ‘starter’ bay comprises of 2 end frames and 5 shelves. An ‘extension’ bay, comprising of only one frame and five shelves, is designed to be built off a starter bay. An extension bay enables you to create a run or rack of a number of bays that are connected. Hopefully that clears it up for you? If not, give us a call and we’ll establish exactly what you need.

You can request a free quotation for Dexion Hi280 and other racking and shelving systems here.

This really is a fantastic shelving deal!
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Dexion Speedlock P90 Drive-In Pallet Racking | On Site with Bristol Storage

As a potential client of Bristol Storage, you have every reason to ask yourselves one question. That question is ‘Why?’ Why should you choose Bristol Storage Equipment to carry out your upcoming warehouse pallet racking project?

Well what better way to demonstrate what Bristol Storage can offer you when it comes to pallet racking, than to show you pictures of one our latest jobs.

Objective: To provide our client with a drive-in pallet racking system for a new extension area to their warehouse in the Bristol area.

After liaising with the client we were delighted to offer a storage solution that was perfectly suited to their operation and allowed them the necessary expansion required to aid the growth of their business. The Bristol Storage design team provided technical drawings explaining in great detail exactly how the racking system will work, and how it benefits the clients’ warehouse operation.

As it happens, this particular job required us to strip down and rebuild some existing racking into another area of the warehouse, whilst we continued to supply and install a brand new pallet racking system in the extension area.

What are you storing?

The first question we ask our clients is ‘What are you storing?’ – For obvious reasons the storage system our experts recommend is based on your bespoke requirements, so it is vitally important to have your stock in mind from day one, when designing your racking system.

The load criteria of this job was as follows:

Pallet Details:  UK Pallet – 1000mm Wide x 1200mm Deep x 1200mm High @ 800KGs per pallet

Which pallet racking system?

Based on the storage requirements and the nature of this clients’ operation, it was decided that the perfect racking system would be Dexion P90 Pallet Racking and Dexion Deepstor Drive In Racking. The Dexion Deepstor element of the installation comprised of 1 block of 32 lanes @ 3 pallets deep x 7 pallets high, and as you can see from the pictures below, this pre-galvanised system looks fantastic in action.

Video: Dexion Speedlock P90 Drive-In Pallet Racking | On Site with Bristol Storage

Check out the link above and watch a brief video of this job…

You can also see from the pictures provided that working with Bristol Storage Equipment means minimal downtime, and that your operation can continue as normal whilst we work around you. With a detailed plan of action we work together with our clients to ensure that we finish the racking installation job within the agreed timeframe (or even before).

The client here had requirements for a heavy duty Dexion pallet racking system and this installation shows what Bristol Storage can do for your business. Whether you are after thousands of pallet locations as our client in this example, or just a single bay of garage racking, Bristol Storage would love to help you.

For expert advice on your storage requirements or to request a free quotation get in contact today by calling 01179 555 211 or via email sales@bristol-storage.co.uk.

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From Bombsite to Tidy in 5 Easy Steps | Garage Racking UK

The time has come…

the summer has long gone and that thing you’ve been putting off for the last six months has finally arrived at the top of the ‘to-do’ list. I think it’s about time you cleared out the garage, don’t you?

Definition of garage
1 a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles: a detached house with an integral garage
(Source: OxfordDictionaries.com)

Now there is one slight problem with that definition. It wrongly assumes that the garage is merely a house for your car. What the dictionary isn’t aware of is the small fact that the garage has in fact been a house to every last piece of junk that you own; a few tins of paint, the lawnmower and box after box of old football programs, ever since the day you moved in.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the garage floor again? I mean yes, it would be awesome to be able to back the car in of an evening, to protect that ‘optional’ metallic paint from the perils of the British winter. But first things first, I want to be able to see the bloody floor! So lets get to it, lets get organised and lets clear the garage.

  • Stage 1: Order Easy to Build Boltless Garage Racking

This is the easy part – ordering the shelving. Just log on to Bristol Storage and select from a wide range of racking types and sizes, all at fantastic prices. What’s great about the shelving systems on offer here is that they are so easy to build! Seriously! You can knock a bay of boltless garage racking together in around 5 minutes max. This shelving is so solid and sturdy it is more than durable enough for whatever you decide to throw at it (or on it).

  • Stage 2: Quantify and Clear

So let’s quantify what it is your storing in your garage at the moment. I know what your thinking …‘Ahh this is gonna be difficult!!’…WRONG! It’s easy. You know why? It’s all junk. Rubbish. Unorganised jumble. Bin worthy. OK, you get the message.  Be ruthless and chuck, chuck, chuck (keep one or two things obviously i.e. any small children or family pets).

  • Stage 3: Admire the Clear Space (Not for Too Long)

This is the time when you can start to feel good about yourself. You’re an achiever! Congratulations on making it this far. I know, I can’t believe how big your garage actually is either. Now, back to work…where’s that shelving?

  • Stage 4: Knock the Boltless Racking together

As mentioned in stage 1, building your boltless racking system could not be easier. Why don’t you time yourself? Race a friend to see who can build the shelving the fastest. Who has bragging rights in your street? Who’s the record racker? How fast did your neighbour build his boltless garage racking? Go and ask him, but don’t be long, we’ve got some shelving to build.

Jealous: Look how organised this guy is – this could be you…

  • Stage 5: Stick the Kettle On

I told you it wouldn’t take long. All that remains is for you to load up the racking with your nice and streamlined stock that should comprise of the following or similar:

  • Relatively useless junk that holds slight sentimental value
  • Power tools
  • Those tins of gloss for the bathroom radiator
  • Football programs

Hang on, football programs? I knew you’d hold onto those! They’ll be worth a few quid one day…

All the best for now,

George Ives

Pallet Racking Types | Dexion Racking Systems UK

Bristol Storage are experts in the field of storage equipment. When it comes to warehouse pallet racking, we know what we’re talking about! With such a wide varierty of racking available from a whole host of manufacturers its only fair that we break down each type so you have a better understanding of what a racking system from Bristol Storage can do for you.

Dexion Speedlock P90 Pallet Racking

This versatile pallet racking system is ideal for both static and dynamic operations and is the most advanced adjustable pallet racking system available on the market. This racking is designed to meet the guidelines of FEM (code for pallet racking) and the codes of all European member states SEMEA, DIN and INSTA.

Dexion pallet racking

For more information on Dexion P90 pallet racking click here.

Dexion Speedlock MK3 Pallet Racking

Dexion pallet racking is always the first choice for efficient storage equipment – suitable for any space with any load. One of the worlds most widely used storage solutions, Dexion MK3 is a tried and tested pallet racking system that uses high quality steel and finished with a durable powder coating.

But be careful. There are many Dexion impersonators in the marketplace using products that they claim to be ‘Dexion compatible’ – which means it isn’t Dexion, its not of the same quality, but it looks and fits the same.

Make sure you are dealing with a recognised Dexion distributor as they are the only people supplied with the genuine Dexion racking and shelving products.

Dexion Narrow Aisle Racking

Designed for maximum storage capacity and fast availability within a limited space, Dexion Narrow Aisle Pallet racking is built with the sole aim of maximising the available storage space.

Dexion Speedlock P90 Deepstor Drive In Pallet Racking

Drive in racking creates a compact block of storage using the FILO (First In Last Out) principle. With a fantastic storage density, Drive In Racking enables a greater efficiency compared to conventional pallet racking.

Get in touch…

This is just a snippet of the kinds of racking available at Bristol Storage. Call today and take advantage of the free quotation service or simply to discuss the best options for you and your warehouse. Call Bristol Storage on 0117 955 5211 or visit the website now.

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Pallet Racking Collapse Can Be Fatal – Just ask this guy… | Bristol Storage

I cannot stress enough just how important the maintenance of a healthy pallet racking system is. In what world would having 10 tonnes of palletised goods fall from a height of 6 metres be a good idea?

If you’re struggling to think, then you’ll understand my concern for the safety of warehouse employees. A regular inspection of your racking should be carried out to a high standard – Bristol Storage recommends that your business have a safety inspection carried out at least once a year.

Report all damage to warehouse racking immediately!

Warehouse staff and forklift truck operators must report all damage to the racking as soon as it takes place. It is then up to management to cordon off any dangerous equipment (these magnetic belt barriers are ideal for this!) and unload all pallets if necessary. It is also suggested that management don’t come down too hard on those who inflict the damage – accidents can happen – and it is important that you are notified. Too harsh a punishment may result in unreported damage, which could spell disaster.

Check out this video to see how this driver almost dies – can we blame a lack of training?…

Pallet Racking Collapse Video | Bristol Storage

Properly Inspected Racking

Formal inspections of your pallet racking system will ensure the long-term safety and security of your stock, but more importantly your employees. It is good practice to get into the habit of regularly inspecting your storage equipment for damage. In-house inspections will keep your warehouse safe, but it is important to get aq professional racking inspector to come in once a year to produce a full damage report so that any rack repairs can be carried out accordingly.

The frequency of inspection and the damage done is can depend on the warehouse operation. It is likely that fast moving business operations will witness greater damage. It is therefore more important for businesses of this nature to have their racking system checked by a professional.

Traffic Light System

 After your racking has been inspected, the damage report will classify any damages using a traffic light system. Each can be interpreted as follows:

  •  –          Red
  • Items are severely damaged beyond the safety guidelines of the SEMA code. Immediately offload all racking and cordon off accordingly. Do not use this racking until repairs have been carried out professionally.
  • –          Amber
  • Damaged beyond the safety guidelines of the SEMA code, but not enough to require immediate offloading of the rack. However, once the rack is empty, it should not be re-loaded until necessary rack repairs have been carried out.
  • –          Green
  • Items are slightly damaged but are of no real concern at the moment. Keep an eye on any future developments to these materials but continue to use as normal.

Pallet Racking Safety Inspectors

As leading inspectors of pallet racking within the UK, Bristol Storage understand what it means to keep your pallet racking and shelving maintained. Pallet racking is often dismissed as unimportant, but the safety of your stock and personnel should be of utmost importance to you, therefore so should having a regular pallet racking inspection.


Bristol Storage Equipment offers a replacement and repair service to pallet racking, supplying materials for all major manufacturers – so don’t take risks when damage is caused to racks or shelving by a forklift or other heavy machinery.

To book a Racking Inspection or talk to us about the benefits of maintenance call our experienced team today on 01179 555 211 or visit our website now for more info.

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Pallet Racking Maintenance Tips | Are you looking after your warehouse racking?

Know the Capabilities of Your Racking

Do you know the technical particulars? Are you aware of what your racking system can handle? The user of any pallet racking must be conscious of the technical capabilities of the system. It is important to understand the loading capacities and what is considered a healthy structural configuration.

I must take this opportunity to stress the importance of re-configuring your racking to anything other than that set our by the manufacturers guidelines. Any configuration not cleared by the manufacturer of the pallet racking system is considered unsafe. You MUST get in contact with your pallet racking supplier before altering the configuration of your system.

Fit your racking system with load notices…

It is recommended that all racking be fitted with safety load notice signs informing its users of the specific load criteria for each part of the system. Although some beams and uprights might look the same, the difference in steel composition can mean a discrepancy in load capacity of several tons. Load notices will clarify what the capabilities of the system are, ensuring that safe working loads are adhered to. Each load notice should also contain contact details of your pallet racking supplier in case of emergency or in case you have any queries regarding your system.

How is the load criteria determined?

As mentioned above, adjustable pallet racking (APR) should be fitted with safe working load notices. This figure is generally quoted in kilograms and identifies the MAXIMUM bay load for that particular racking system. When calculating this safe working load a number of factors must be taken into consideration. These include the height to the first beam level, the duty of the upright, the beam profile and even the number of floor fixings used per upright.

It is also really crucial to point out that any max loading is quoted as a ‘Uniformly Distributed Load’ (UDL). This means that the loading is based on weight being evenly spread across the beam level.

For example, if your maximum load per level is 2000Kgs, the likelihood is that this would involve the storage of 2 x 1ton pallets across each beam level. If you were to store 1 x 2ton pallet and place it in the centre of the bay, the maximum load would be considerably reduced, as the weight would not be distributed through the racking system evenly.

Here is a brief checklist for the safe operation of a pallet racking system:

  • –          Never climb up the pallet racking
  • –          Use the appropriate access equipment (e.g. forklift truck)
  • –          Ensure pallets are safely and evenly located onto beams
  • –          Maintain clear aisles for a safe working environment
  • –          Ensure the quality of condition of pallets used (NEVER store damaged pallets)
  • –          Only qualified staff may operate forklift trucks and pick from racking (skill is essential)
  • –          Pallet racking must be regularly maintained by your supplier to ensure continued safety
  • –          All damage caused by forklift truck drivers or otherwise, must be reported IMMEDIATLEY

For more information about pallet racking safety inspections and the maintenance of your storage system click here.

Any questions? Call Bristol Storage now for expert advice on 0117 955 211.
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